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The Shipping Process

Your car is your baby, we get that. The process of transporting a car is relatively simple.

You receive a quote, book your order, we pick up your vehicle and deliver it.

It's that Simple! Whether you’re moving to a different part of the country, purchasing or selling a car online, or need to transport a car for a special event, the overall process remains the same. Here’s an overview of what you can expect when shipping your car.

You want the very best auto transport you can find at a great price, with a reputable 5-star rating, and that is why Supremacy Auto Transport is your BEST choice.

How does auto transport work?

This easy guide will show you in 3 simple steps.


Get a Quote & Book Your Order


We Pickup Your Vehicle


Receive Your Vehicle

Shipping a car is simpler than you may think!

First step in the process is to get a quote. This step is important as it allows our agents to discuss the details about your move such as vehicle type, pickup and delivery locations, scheduling, service type and other necessary information.

We use this information to determine which service option works best for you and provide you with a quote that outlines the cost and logistics involved in your move.

After receiving your quote, you have the option to review it and make any necessary adjustments to ensure it aligns perfectly with your needs. Once you are satisfied with the details and pricing, you can proceed to book your order with us.

Step 1: Get a quote and book your order

The next step is to schedule a pickup and get your car ready for transport. Please ensure your car is in good working condition, clean, and all personal items have been removed.

Driver will fill out a vehicle condition report (bill of lading). This report is used to document the current state of the vehicle, including any existing damages or issues.


Step 2:We pickup your vehicle

Last, but not least, we deliver your vehicle! Similarly to the process at pickup, you and driver will do a vehicle inspection. Check your car for any damage and sign to confirm your car arrived safely. 


Step 3: You receive your vehicle

Ready to book your auto transport with the BEST?

Or call (888) 751-3838 to speak with us directly and schedule your auto transport!

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